Less Than 6,075lbs (2,755.5kg) Per Order

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of our Distributors

Less than 20,250 lbs (9,185.2 kg) per order

Contact one

of our Distributors

More than 20,250 lbs (9,185.2 kg) per order

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 Ex-Works: Chorley, United kingdom

Orders are prepaid in GBP.

Orders are non-returnable and non-refundable.

They may be canceled within two business days of submission.

Cancellations after two business days are subject to a 10% fee.

Lead times may vary, please contact us for details.

Become Distributor

Our Distributor Agreement provides that:

  • Your company will receive Distributor (wholesale) Pricing, at the best price level offered by NGI UK Ltd.
  • We will post a link to your website on our Distributor page and refer sales inquiries from your region.
  • We will grant a trademark license agreement with all necessary graphics and artwork.
  • We will provide technical support to assist your company in answering customers’ questions, including online support for education.

To apply to become a Distributor of NGI UK Ltd we ask that:

  • You provide us with proof of a successful existing Distribution Chain and a comprehensive Sales and Marketing Plan.
  • You provide marketing and growth plans to be reviewed quarterly.
  • You provide the website link on which you will sell EcoSoya Brand waxes.
  • Your business resells at least 80% of the EcoSoya Brands waxes it purchases to your customers.  Your company’s internal EcoSoya Brands wax use must be less than 20% of your order.
  • Your business agrees to use EcoSoya Brands trademark in all listings, on website and in all sales of EcoSoya Brands waxes and blends containing them.
  • Your company makes reasonable efforts to promote and sell all varieties of EcoSoya Brands waxes.
  • You meet our required minimum orders:
  • United States, Canada & Mexico – Two, three (3) pallet orders of wax per calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).
  • Outside the United States, Canada & Mexico – One, ten (10) pallet order of wax per calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).
  • Your company agrees to provide technical support to customers purchasing our waxes.

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Less than per order

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